Your Favorite Celebrity Wives: What Do They Look Like Now?


Celebrity wives are a specimen of their own.  Most of them had a gig in show business, and are without a doubt a sight for sore eyes. Some marriages get the fairytale ending, while others die right in front of our eyes.  Get ready to be blown away from their then and now photos, former and present, of your favorite celebrities!

Clint Eastwood – Maggie Johnson | Then

There is probably not one man on earth that doesn’t envy Clint Eastwood. His first wife Maggie admitted to have been in a relationship that was “a bit harder than they both anticipated” given they were both young and inexperienced. But hey, they sure made a great looking couple.

PKT4690-345313 CLINT EASTWOOD ACTOR 1987 Clint Eastwood and his wife. OPS Clint and Maggie Eastwood. One of Hollywood's leading "Western" actors, he gained his reputation in a series of Italian westerns - "For a few dollars more", "Fistfull of dollars", and "The good, the bad, and the Ugly", Most recently he has made "Paint your Wagon".